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We are visionaries who believe in New York's possibilities, the world's greatest city. We have seen how film, as a powerful medium, can directly impact lives or facilitate change. We also have seen the unique diversity of New York's culture and its people. The city's appreciation for film and ability to make things happen. Our vision is to help merge the two, creating an opportunity for filmmakers and artists to showcase their works in New York. Support will be given to all filmmakers to help find their audiences.
IFFM is committed in showcasing entertaining and diverse films in all genres and scope to equal the diversity of New York. It is also committed in exploring all opportunities to promote the artists, his work, his vision, and his cause if he has any, during the showing of the films and the events during the festival.
We are a festival that gives importance to a full Question and Answer (Q&A) portion after each film screening. We believe that filmmakers who attend their screening should be heard and celebrated on stage. We also pride ourselves in having red carpet interview moments during the festival, IFFM is also known for it's full scale Black Tie Opening Night Awards Night. We give out 35 or more plaques to major awardees during the year.

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