Official Selection 2023

Official Selection 2023

Official Selection 2023

Official Selection 2023

1) "Da’un Ka Kayu" (Leaf of Tree), Drama, Philippines 16 mins Dir: Geraldo Borongnan Jumawan

2) "Vibrations - Inner Music", Musical Documentary, Germany, 15 mins Dir: Cadenza Zhao

3) "Un-Equal", Drama, USA, 5 mins Dir: Burak Tatar

4) "Letter of Forgiveness", Drama, Romania, 15 mins, Dir: Alina Serban

5) "CUT!", Drama, USA, 13:25 mins, Dir: Diego Boanerges Garcia

6) "Good Girl" Comedy, USA, 11:37 mins, Dir: Jenny Kleiman

7) "Who is God?", Animation, Mexico, 3:05 mins, Dir: Oscar Adan Lopez Parres

8) "My 90s (Pilor), Drama, USA, 8:30 mins, Dir: Jeryl Parade

9) "Amazing Petunia's Adventures", Animation, USA, 27:30 mins, Dir: Judy England-McCarthy

10) "Be Yourself, Enough!", Drama, Coming of Age, Norway, 15 mins, Dir:Ola Martin Fjeld

11) "Five Flights", Drama, USA, 8:40 mins, Dir: Daryl Denner

12) "Protected Hill", Philippines, 16:03 mins, Dir: Dexter Galban Macaraeg

13) "To Ken With Love", USA, Comedy, 19:16 mins, Dir: Mike Talplacido

14) "Disconnected", El Salvador, Drama, 4:50 mins, Dir: Alvaro J. Martinez

15) "Love Letter", USA, Experimental, 2 mins, Dir: Jason Huang

16) "Vulture City, Wyoming", Drama, USA, 15 mins, Dir: Anna Shea Keating

17) "Would You Love Me If I Were A Worm?", Drama, USA, 19:40 mins Dir: Kyle Adrian Damiao

18) "Winning", Drama, USA, 13:30 mins, Dir: Michelle Girolami

19) "(IN)Sight", Drama, Portugal, 15 mins Dir: Teresa Beirão

20) "Not Walter Jenkins!", Drama, USA, 12:50 mins Dir: AP Hello

21) "Dirty City Music Video", USA, 3:22 mins Dir: Jeff Ledellaytner, Ariel Costa

22) "Lemon Hart: What Lies in Truth" Experimental, Qatar, 6:31 mins Dir: Sara AlThani

23) "Noen", Experimental, Norway, 15:25 mins Dir: Bernhard Østebø

24) "Never Forget", Drama, USA, 15 mins, Dir: Ida Anita Del Mundo

25) "Acerbity", Drama, USA, 12:33 mins, Dir: Edgar Jimz, Artemus Cole

26) "SUROT", Drama, Bangladesh, 13:30 mins Dir: GOLAM RABBANI KAZI MD

27) "Start Again" Tourism Video, Portugal, 4:18 mins, Dir: Marco Calabria, Bruno Nishino

28) "Catching Wind With Medio Tejo", Documentary, Portugal, 9:26 mins Dir: Kentaro Kusunoki, Emil Kurihara, Travis Matsumoto

29) "Strangers", Drama, USA, 5:18 mins, Dir: Maddie Morse

30) "I Am Kanaka" Documentary, United Kingdom, 15 mins, Dir: Genevieve Sulway

31) "Perth Fiction For Chamber Orchestra", Documentary, Australia, 12:52 mins, Dir: Ian Heng Teo

32) "Without", Drama, USA, 6:40 mins, Dir: Andrew Froening

33) "Chronicles Of A Volunteer", Documentary, USA, 14:58 mins, Dir:Raul Flecha Villasboa

34) "Pepper's Science", Comedy, USA, 11:10 mins Dir: Lilo Grunwald

35) "UnSEEN", Drama, Philippines, 19:47 mins, Dir: Richard Bitangcol Tolentino

36) "Momentos". Thriller, USA, 3:55 mins, Dir: Robert Zimiga

37) "Look Around" Crime Drama, Brazil, 22:37 mins Dir: Ulisses Malta Junior, Gustavo Azevedo Santos

38) "The Painting" Comedy, USA, 5:19 mins Dir: Justin Cordero

39) "Jiwa Jawad Jawi", Tourism Video, Indonesia, 8 mins, Dir: Ivan Handoyo

40) "Dear Asian Girls - Documentary", USA, 16:16 mins Dir: Yuko Kudo

41) "3:15am", Drama, Thriller, India, 13:33 mins, Dir: Amit Raj Verma

42) "Change" Documentary, USA, 5 mins, Dir: Scott Klumb

43) "Unsteady", Music Video, USA 3:50 mins Dir: Mike Cerisano

44) "The Enemy", Experimental, Ukraine, 1:30 mins Dir: Shapxo

45) "Piano Practice", Drama, USA, 7 mins, Dir: Zachary Han

46) "Visit Cascais", Tourism Video, Portugal, 2 mins, Dir: Roger Serrasqueiro

47) "Drive", Drama, Comedy, USA, 8:44 mins Dir: Robert Monegan

48) "The Eyes Of The World", Drama, Comedy, USA, 26:25 mins Dir: Robert Monegan

49) "Eliseo Art SilvaL Finding The Wide American Earth", Documentary, USA, 12:37 mins Dir: Loren A Roberts, Roberto San Luis

50) "The Mirror of Her", Drama, USA, 6:26 mins Dir: David Lilien

51) "Robots Don't Tell Jokes", Stop Motion, Music Videos, Dir: Kelli Caldwell

52) "Intersections" Experimental, USA, 5 mins, Dir: Hart Ginsburg

53) "Hard Feelings" Drama, USA, 15:43 mins, Dir: Rick-kendy Noziere

54) "Today's Noose", Drama, Armenia, 15 mins Dir: Anna Gabriel

55) "The Door" Drama, Comedy, France, 13:40 mins Dir: Pierre H. OLLIER

56) "Believer", Sci-Fi, China, 6:43 mins, Dir: Miao Zhang

57) "Family Vacation", Comedy, USA, 11:28 mins Dir: Bryan Russell Smith

58) "Bigot", Drama, USA, 15:18 mins, Dir: Joseph Aspromonti

59) "That KIss", Drama, USA, 19:59 mins Dir: Kevin Alexander Boon

60) "Relocated" Documentary, Ukraine, 10 mins, Dir: Mykola Kaparnyk

61) "As Possible As Everything" Drama, Turkey, 15 mins, Dir: Selen Örcan

62) "M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)" Drama, France, 30 mins Dir:Léticia Belliccini

63) "Safe Home", Thriller, USA, 7 mins, Dir: John Galligan

64) "Winter' s Passing:, Drama, USA, 21:09 mins, Dir: Yang Fei

65) "The Madness Store", Drama, France, 18 mins Dir: Alex Guéry

66) "Goodnight" Drama, USA, 10 mins, Dir: Revell Carpenter

67) "In Heaven's Eyes" Drama, Philippines, 15 mins, Dir: Harold Jay Silla

68) "Melancholic Breasts" Drama, United Kingdom, 13 mins Dir: Constantin Pilavios

70) "Jajang Myeon Thank you." Drama, Korea, 30 mins, Dir: Seong Hoon Shin, Hye Young Park

71) "Damned Are The Lost", Drama, USA, 12:19 mins Dir: George Carrillo


Professional Category

1) "Crashed", Webisode, USA, 40 mins, Dir: Megan Stahl

2) "Love Yourself", Commercial, Philippines 3:20 mins Dir: Miguel Antonio Samson Sonza

3) "RaceCar - Short", USA. Experimental, 15 mins, Dir: Adam John Baranello

4) "The Grey Space", PSA, USA, 1 min, Dir: William Goins

5) "My Sex Crazed Family", Webisode, Comedy, USA, 34 mins, Dir: Darius Dior

6) "I'm An Addict But I'm Human", Music Video, USA, 5:36 mins Dir: Imelda M Cruz-Banting

7) "Twist", Music Video, USA, 4:18 mins, Dir: Mike Wafer

8) "Remember Me", Tourism Video, Croatia, 3:52 mins Dir: HERVE BERNARD LUC TIRMARCHE

9) "Return Key" PSA, USA, 4:53 mins, USA, Dir: Brandon J Triola, Nathan William Lundquist

10) "More Than", PSA, USA, 3:56 mins, Dir: Elliot V Kotek

11) "Safely Feel The Real World", Commercial, China 3 mins Dir: Jody Xiong


International Film Festival Manhattan will be doing Hybrid Live and Online Events happening in person in Manhattan NYC, USA on October 13 - 15, 2023. On October 12, 2023 we will be doing a Special Networking Party with all Filmmaker Participants venue: TBA. Awards Opening Night Ceremony will be on Friday, October 13, 2023 at the Kalayaan Hall Philippine Center 556 5th Ave NYC. The rest of the film Screenings will be held on Saturday October 14, 2023 and on Sunday October 15, 2023 at the Look Dine-In Cinemas 657 West 57th St NYC, NY, USA.

Additional screenings for international filmmakers who can not attend the festival live will be screened Online with Tickets for the Worldwide Audience to have chance to experience the Festival. Details to be announced.

International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM), now on it's 13th Milestone Year, is dubbed as the coolest Indie Film Festival that showcases quality selection of world-class short films that will be screened at several Theater venues in Manhattan New York City, USA.

Our short film programming encompasses all different genres of diverse program; documentaries, student films and now professional films from all over the world. We also have a focus on social relevance as part of our programming and our goals.

We are visionaries who believe in the possibilities of New York, the greatest city in the world. We have seen how film, as a powerful medium can make a direct impact on lives or facilitate change. We also have seen the unique diversity of New York's culture and its people. The city's appreciation for film and ability to make things happen. Our vision is to help merge the two, creating an opportunity for filmmakers and artist to showcase their works in New York. Support will be given to all filmmakers to help find their audiences.

We are a festival that gives importance to a full Question and Answer (Q&A) portion after each film screening. We believe that filmmakers who attend their screening should be heard and celebrated on stage. We also pride ourselves in having red carpet interview moments during the festival, IFFM is also known for it's full scale Black Tie Opening Night Awards Night. We will be featuring exclusive networking parties, Industry Meet ups, One on One Industry - Filmmaker meetings, seminars and filmmaker Q&A after each screenings.

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